Yes! It's A Poodle Parti and you're invited!
Our Standard Poodles are the guests
of honor because they are our
family and our passion.

What's a "Standard" size Poodle?

Regal and graceful, Standard Poodles are the smartest, most easily trained dog in the world, second only to the border collie. They are athletic, natural water retrievers and excel in learning tricks and complicated series of commands, which makes them perfect service dogs. The Standard Poodle is the most hypoallergenic amongst all of the non-shedding dog breeds. Standard Poodles are medium to large in size. Although they are the second largest size of the Poodle breed, they are not as big as people imagine. They are the same size as a golden retriever and sometimes even smaller. Standard poodles also weigh less that goldens and have a lanky physique like that of their cousins, the Greyhound.

Standard Poodles are inside companions and are not happy living outdoors away from their humans. The Standard Poodle thrives on their humans' approval, love, and attention. They are great guard dogs that are bright, happy and very attentive. Standards are very playful and lively but they are super laid back at the same time. They are great at reading human body language and facial expressions and give constant eye contact awaiting their humans' instruction, determining their mood, energy level, and intention. They think! Standard Poodles are very polite to strangers and they get along great with other animals. They are not temperamental and yappy like their smaller counterparts. Poodles enjoy doing everything that gives them the opportunity to interact with their human. If you want to jog, they want to jog. If you want to play, they want to play. If you want to relax, they want to relax with you. Standard Poodles are the most intuitive, bright, considerate, loving dogs there are.

About Us

We are a home-based Standard Poodle Breeder, vetted and licensed by the state of Georgia. We offer beautiful Standard poodle puppies and AKC standard poodle stud services with the ability to overnight ship live stud specimens for IVF application. Our AKC stud "Jack" is proven and produces beautiful puppies of a wide range of colors. All of our breeding poodles have been health tested and cleared. We are not a kennel or a puppy store. Our Standard poodles are our family and our passion.

We are very proud of our standard poodles and our goal is to provide other families with non-shedding, hypoallergenic, well rounded, healthy, obedient additions to their family. Our puppies leave us microchipped and up to date on their age-appropriate vaccinations and scheduled dewormings. Their tails are cropped and their dewclaws are removed by our family veterinarian.

Our puppies are in the beginning stages of being potty trained when they leave us at 8 weeks old. Most of our past litters were fully potty trained for #2 outdoors, at 7 weeks old. Combined crating and scheduled outside potty breaks are our preferred method of housebreaking our puppies.

We perform Early Neurological Stimulation exercises with the babies on a daily basis. We start these exercises on day 3 of life and continue until they are 4 weeks of age. This is done to encourage socialization and to give our puppies a superior advantage in life. This makes our puppies resilient and well rounded, giving them outstanding cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, a higher level of tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. Manners are very important in our home and babies are taught "come" and "no". These are two crucial common commands that will set the puppy on the right track to becoming a great member of their new family.

The puppies are sent home with a lovely care package, filled with the puppy's favorite toy/s, a blanket, current puppy food, coupons, training literature, medical records, a pet carrier to get the baby home in (at adoptees request), 30 days of FREE puppy health insurance provided by TRUPANION and the puppy's Continental Kennel Club Pre-Printed Puppy Application for CKC registration.

The puppy's personal crate and bedding that he sleeps in while with us, can be purchased for an additional fee. This aids in reducing puppy stress caused by transitioning from one home to the other.

Ask us about our Groomers discount, our veterans discount and our bereavement discount.

Sending us an email is great but for the quickest response, please text us at, 678/718-8108.

The Pack


Sire, handsome Jack

Jack is our tri-color (black, white and gray) Parti poodle male. He is 28 inches high at his shoulders and he weighs 62 pounds. Jack is very laid back but loves to run and play when outdoors. He is an expert fetch player but he prefers not to swim or play in water. He is content watching the rest of the pack splash around.


Queen Mother

Dolce is an abstract black/dark brown with white points female. She is 27 inches high at her shoulders and she weighs 42 pounds. She has tightly curled hair. She has a sweet and loving demeanor and goes about her day caring for the other Poodles and humans in the pack.


Warrior Princess

Gabbana is our smaller, abstract, black/silver with white points female. She is 25 inches at her shoulders and she weighs 38 pounds. Her hair is very soft and loosely curled. She is very athletic and she loves to play, jump, run and swim. She is the most dominant in our pack. Her Napoleon complex makes her the best at everything.

We're Expecting!

Our Puppy Adoption process

Our Puppy Adoption process
We start taking adoption applications as soon as the puppies are born but we do not begin taking deposits until the puppies have seen our family veterinarian at 3-5 days old. Our adoption process starts with you sending us a request for an adoption application.
(Request Adoption Application HERE when puppies are available. If puppies have not been born yet, please fill out the puppy wait list form below.)
We then verify the information that is submitted in the application. If your application is approved, we require a non-refundable $300 deposit guaranteeing your puppy purchase. The deposit is due within 24 hours of the adoption application approval. We sometimes have multiple applications for a single puppy. If we do not receive the deposit within those 24 hours, the puppy will go to the next approved adoptive family.
We accept Cash or payments via CashApp, Venmo or Zelle. The balance can also be paid using the methods mentioned. The puppy adoption balance is due on the designated puppy pick-up day, when the puppies are 8 weeks old. We typically set the pick-up appointments for the Friday-Sunday after the puppies turn 8 weeks old. 

In order to assure the best and safest environment for our puppies, we hold off on setting up puppy visits with their awaiting families. We have a "closed home/environment," until they are 4 weeks old. We post tons of videos and photos on our Facebook page and YouTube so you can watch your baby growing up, never missing all of the adorable moments.

When the puppies turn 4 weeks old we can then accept appointments for a brief visit that will require a stringent decontamination process before you are able to touch or be in the presence of the puppy. There are no children allowed at this visit. As for resident dogs of the adoptive family, unfortunately, we do not offer the option of bringing outside dogs to visit the puppies. It would be very dangerous to the litter and very stressful for mommy and the rest of our pack.

Jack & Gabbana's litter. born October 24, 2019. 12/18 pick-up

Dora (Adopted)

White and tan parti. female.

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Guy (Adopted)

White, tan parti. Male.

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Peanut (Adopted)

Tan abstract. Male.

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Goose (Adopted)

White and tan parti. Male.

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Robbie (Adopted)

Black and white parti. Male.

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Josie (Adopted)

Black,brown and white abstract. Female.

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Tiny Tim (Adopted)

Tan abstract. Moyen Male.

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Jack & Dolce's litter. Born September 14, 2019. 11/09 pick-up.

Fawn (Adopted)

Male, black and white parti.

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Lucky (Adopted)

Male, Black/brown abstract.

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Tanner (Adopted)

Male, black abstract.

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Bear (Adopted)

Male, Buff and white parti.

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Taffy (Adopted)

Female, Apricot abstract.

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Sole' (Adopted)

Female, Abstract black.

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Page (Adopted)

Female, Abstract black.

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Buster (Adopted)

Male, Buff abstract.

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Blue (Adopted)

Male, Buff and white parti.

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Red (Adopted)

Male, Black and white parti.

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Next litter wait list

Things to do and things you will need, to be prepared to bring your puppy home.


Get a good veterinarian in your area. Building a relationship with your vet and their office staff is very important for you and your puppy.

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Regular grooming is very important when you have a standard poodle and finding the perfect groomer is essential.

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Puppy Schedule

A puppy is a creature of habit. He needs a routine. If you leave him to come up with his own, you’re not gonna like it.

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Set the rules and prepare everyone in the house to stick to them.

This is an exciting time, and it’s easy to daydream about all the fun things you’ll do with a dog in your life.

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Grain Free puppy food.

Healthier for your puppy and also produces less poop, less often.

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Super chewer toys

Toys like Kong and Nylabone are great.

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Collar and Leash

Adjustable Size X-Small.

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Elevated feeding bowl.

Helps to head off gas and digestion issues.

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Crate with divider.

Training Pads (Peepee pads)

Bath Supplies

DO NOT use slicker brushes on puppies!

Our Commitment To Excellence

Health Guarantee

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Potty Training

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Best Breeding Practices

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