Yes! It's A Poodle Parti and you're invited!
Our Standard Poodles are the guests
of honor because they are our
family and our passion.

What is A "Standard" Size Poodle?

About Us

The Pack


Sire, handsome Jack

Jack is our tri-color (black, white and gray) Parti poodle male. He is 28 inches high at his shoulders and he weighs 80 pounds. Jack is very laid back but loves to run and play when outdoors. He is an expert fetch player but he prefers not to swim or play in water. He is content watching the rest of the pack splash around.


Queen Mother

Dolce is an abstract black/dark brown with white points female. She is 27 inches high at her shoulders and she weighs 48 pounds. She has tightly curled hair. She has a sweet and loving demeanor and goes about her day caring for the other Poodles and humans in the pack.


Warrior Princess

Gabbana is our smaller, abstract, black/silver with white points female. She is 25 inches at her shoulders and she weighs 40 pounds. Her hair is very soft and loosely curled. She is very athletic and she loves to play, jump, run and swim. She is the most dominant in our pack. Her Napoleon complex makes her the best at everything.

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Things to do and things you will need, to be prepared to bring your puppy home.


Get a good veterinarian in your area. Building a relationship with your vet and their office staff is very important for you and your puppy.

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Groomer and grooming supplies

Regular grooming is very important when you have a standard poodle and finding the perfect groomer is essential.

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Puppy Schedule

A puppy is a creature of habit. He needs a routine. If you leave him to come up with his own, you’re not gonna like it.

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Set the rules and prepare everyone in the house to stick to them.

This is an exciting time, and it’s easy to daydream about all the fun things you’ll do with a dog in your life.

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Super chewer toys

Toys like Kong and Nylabone are great.

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High quality puppy food.

Corn and wheat free puppy food. Healthier for your puppy and also produces less poop, less often.

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Collar and Leash

Adjustable Size Small.

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Elevated feeding bowl.

Helps to head off gas and digestion issues.

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Crate with divider.

Training Pads (Peepee pads)

Bath Supplies

DO NOT use slicker brushes on puppies!

Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention

Our Commitment To Excellence

Health Guarantee

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Potty Training

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Best Breeding Practices

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