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Our Guiding Philosophy, Our adoption
process, and what to expect.

"We don't sell puppies. We place them."

To make sure our puppies get the homes they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners through an adoption application process.

At It's A Poodle Parti!, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each puppy. If we do not think your home is the best place for them, we will redirect you to a different Dog Breeder who might be a better fit. Our adoption process is transparent, straightforward forward, and most importantly, HONEST. We list the puppy adoption price for each puppy with their picture, under "learn more".

Our puppies range in price by sex, color, and pattern, from $1600 to $3000.

We start taking adoption applications as soon as the puppies are born, starting with the families that are on our wait-list, going in order of date of submission and sex, pattern and color of interest submitted on the wait-list form. The adoption application is not the same as the wait-list submission. It is lengthy and detailed and it is not available to the public without an invitation. We require all prospective puppy parents to complete the application to make sure that you are capable of caring for a puppy by our standards. We then verify the information that is submitted in the application. We WILL verify homeownership or rental information! If you rent, we WILL confirm that you have permission to house a dog of standard poodle size. The process concludes with us sending you an email with our decision. If your application is approved, we require a non-refundable $500 deposit guaranteeing your puppy purchase. The deposit is due immediately upon adoption application approval. If you are requesting that your puppy of choice, tail  NOT be docked, the full re-homing fee is due at the time of adoption application approval and there are no refunds. We sometimes have multiple inquiries for a single puppy. If we do not receive the deposit within what we deem a reasonable amount of time, you will be notified that your application approval has been rescinded and the puppy will go to the next approved adoptive family.

We accept payments via Zelle ONLY. If you have a bank account, using Zelle should not be a problem. The balance can also be paid using the method mentioned or by paying with cash. The puppy adoption balance is due on the designated puppy pick-up day when the puppies are 8 weeks old. We typically set the puppy pick-up appointments for the Friday and Saturday after the puppies have turned 8 weeks old.

In order to assure the best and safest environment for our puppies, we hold off on setting up puppy visits with their awaiting families. We have a "closed home/environment," until they are 4 weeks old. We post tons of videos and photos on our Facebook page and YouTube so you can watch your baby growing up, never missing all of the adorable moments. When the puppies turn 4 weeks old we can then accept appointments for a brief visit that will require a stringent decontamination process before you are able to touch or be in the presence of the puppy. There are no children allowed at this visit. As for resident dogs of the adoptive family, unfortunately, we do not offer the option of bringing outside dogs to visit the puppies. It would be very dangerous to the litter and very stressful for mommy and the rest of our pack.

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