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Our Breeding Program
And Our Puppies

We do not offer full breeding rights.

Our puppies are to be companion animals only.


Our spay/neuter contract must be signed at puppy pick-up.



Whelping And Rearing

We are present and involved with every stage of whelping when it comes to our puppies. They are born and taken care of  in a common area in our home where we can keep an eye on them and momma 24 hours a day. When they turn 6 weeks old, they are moved to the nursery in our Poodle room where they can began being weaned and socialized with the other Poodles.


We perform Early Neurological Stimulation exercises with the babies on a daily basis. We start these exercises on day 3 of life and continue until they are 4 weeks of age. This is done to encourage socialization and to give our puppies a superior advantage in life. This makes our puppies resilient and well rounded, giving them outstanding cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, a higher level of tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease.


Manners are very important in our home and babies are taught "come" and "no". These are two crucial common commands that will set the puppy on the right track to becoming a great member of their new family.

Our puppies are in the beginning stages of being potty trained when they leave us at 8 weeks old. Combined crating and scheduled outside potty breaks are our preferred method of housebreaking our puppies. Housebreaking a puppy for urine is impossible before they are old enough to hold their urine for an extended amount of time. Puppies can hold their urine for an hour for each month they are in age. 1 month=1hour, 2months=2 hours, and so on, until they are 6-8 months old.

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Going Home

Our puppies leave us micro-chipped and up to date on their age-appropriate vaccinations and scheduled deworming's. Their tails are cropped (unless requested it is left natural) and their dewclaws are removed. They will have seen our family veterinarian for a well puppy visit to be dewormed and to have all of their systems checked to determining health status and readiness to be sent home with their new families.


 The puppies are sent home with a lovely care package, filled with the puppy's favorite toy/s, a blanket, current puppy food, coupons, training literature, veterinarian puppy health report record, 30 days of FREE puppy health insurance and the puppy's Continental Kennel Club Pre-Printed Puppy Application for CKC LIMITED registration. 

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