What's a "Standard" size Poodle?

Regal and graceful, Standard Poodles are the smartest, most easily trained dog in the world, second only to the border collie. They are athletic, natural water retrievers and excel in learning tricks and complicated series of commands, which makes them perfect service dogs. The Standard Poodle is the most hypoallergenic amongst all of the non-shedding dog breeds. Standard Poodles are medium to large in size. Although they are the second largest size of the Poodle breed, they are not as big as people imagine. They are the same size as a golden retriever and sometimes even smaller. Standard poodles also weigh less that goldens and have a lanky physique like that of their cousins, the Greyhound.

Standard Poodles are inside companions and are not happy living outdoors away from their humans. The Standard Poodle thrives on their humans' approval, love, and attention. They are great guard dogs that are bright, happy and very attentive. Standards are very playful and lively but they are super laid back at the same time. They are great at reading human body language and facial expressions and give constant eye contact awaiting their humans' instruction, determining their mood, energy level, and intention. They think! Standard Poodles are very polite to strangers and they get along great with other animals. They are not temperamental and yappy like their smaller counterparts. Poodles enjoy doing everything that gives   them the opportunity to interact with their human. If you want to jog, they want to jog. If you want to play, they want to play. If you want to relax, they want to relax with you. Standard Poodles are the most intuitive, bright, considerate, loving dogs there are.