Bath Supplies

Bath Supplies
DO NOT use slicker brushes on puppies!

Here at, all of our puppies are familiar with getting a bath every 3 days more or less, but our adult standard poodles are given a bath every 4 weeks or as needed. It's up to you to decide how often your puppy will need to be given a bath. 

Eye infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections and hot spots can be avoided by keeping these areas clean.

You definitely want to keep their faces, ears and private parts clean in between their routine bath time. 

Hartz tear-free, puppy shampoo is my favorite. It is truly tear free and it smells really good. What i like the most is It has the purple tint in it that brightens and whitens my parti and light colored puppies, leaving them gleaming. On top of that it is so affordable.

These are the dog bathing tethers you have seen me use in the videos. They are indestructible. I've had them since Dolce and Gabbana were puppies and they still stay put and make a strong connection to the shower or tub wall. I couldn't live without these at bath time. 

This shower hose is specifically made for bathing your pooch. I love being able to turn it on and off with one hand and my thumb. The spray pattern is adjustable and the hose is 6 feet long. This kit also comes with the shower head adaptor so you don't need to take it on and off for every use.

This brush is so very gentle and my go to brush for detangling all of the poodles hair, especially after their bath. It makes brushing them out every day quick, easy and painless.